Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 Beautiful Sinks - Artist Editions by Kohler Sinks

These are some of the most beautiful sinks I've seen. Made by Kohler Sinks. The faucets themselves are nice compliments... I'll post more on the the artist edition faucets later.

My favorite is the Imperial Blue Design sporting a Chinese dragon which covers the entire lavetory bowl, but that's just me.

Imperial Blue Design on Caxton Undercounter Sink
Plum Blossom design on Camber self-rimming lavatory.

Garden Bandana in RedAsoka Garden on Vintage Lavatory
Mythical Beasts Gold design on Vintage undercounter lavatory Top Art Collection-Marrakesh
Life in the Country design on Clay/Tones undercounter kitchen sink
Ipanema Lavatory and Console Tabletop
Kamala Lavatory; Purist
Mythical Beasts design on Camber self-rimming sink with Platinum textured rim

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kohler Sink - Gathering design on Alcott undercounter kitchen sink

The Alcott undercounter kitchen sink is a part of the Artist Edition line by Kohler sinks. It is an individually crafted deign as is each sink in this series.

This Alcott tile-in, undercounter sink offers the Gathering design on a White background, capturing an 18th-century Europe feel with a mix of traditional folk art patterns. The basin bottom has a traditional blue-and-white checkerboard pattern, and a White bottom basin rack is included to protect the sink's surface.

Gathering design is offered on White background of Alcott undercounter mount single-basin sink with integral apron; includes White bottom basin rack (K-6005).

kohler sink

Here's Close up of the Kohler undercounter kitchen sink. Quite an amazing piece of art. (Model no. K-14573-AG).

kohler sink

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